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This weeks podcast choice(s) centers around the theme: Lets talk periods with Emma Barnett.

Barnett is a British broadcaster and journalist who wrote her first book called Period. In the book, Barnett talks about the importance of talking about periods, it is a great book, and I recommend reading it.

The conversation around periods in Ireland is growing, and it is encouraging to see. During my final year in college, I wanted to a radio documentary on period poverty, and I found myself stuck on the conversation of periods and the idea of the normalisation of talking about periods in general. My lecturer, a man, always questioned whether it was prudent for me, a man, to talk about periods. And I will be honest; I was not sure if it was. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see my project realised, due to coronavirus.

When a tampon advertisement was recently banned in Ireland (read about it here), , it confirms to me that there is still a long way to go to solving period poverty and I genuinely believe that it starts with normalising the conversation around periods.

Perhaps this podcast can help begin that conversation for some.

Here are some other great podcasts:


The heavy flow podcast

Stuff mom never told you about. This podcast is great, as one of the things I learned from researching about periods is how young women could learn as much as their family member knew. And if that conversation is not happening then there won’t be that much information.

Or, check out this hilarious(but also a little sad) short story If Men Could Menstruate by Gloria Steinem.

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