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The thing that everyone (I assume) loves about podcasts is that there is usually a podcast on pretty much everything, if you can’t find it then why not make it yourself. Anyway, when something sparks your interest, you can generally find a podcast on that topic and immerse yourself in that, be it passively or actively engaging with the podcast.

Lately, I have found myself reading and listening to women’s health, from mental to sexual health. The book, I know not a podcast I am getting there, that I will be reading next is called Masterminds of the right by Emily O’Reilly which looked at the “right-wing forces that plotted the 1983 referendum on abortion and the 1992 Maastricht Protocol to deny women reproductive rights.”

What is interesting I feel about this book, which I haven’t read yet, is the legacy these events would have had on women’s reproductive rights and their mental and sexual health. That legacy is still felt today, up until the 13th of March 2019 the word “menstruation” has appeared only 27 times on the Oireachtas (the only body, in Ireland, that has the power to make laws records).

How crazy is that? Less than 30 times since the foundation of the state. If that wasn’t bad enough “periods were almost entirely spoken about in a context of fertility rather than in terms of an individual’s health and well-being.”

Which is why I think this week’s podcast Glow West is essential listening for women and men. Glow West is a podcast that explores sex, sexuality, and the body, through a sexual wellness perspective.

They also talk about sex work in Ireland, which is something else that needs to be talked about more often,in my opinion, my friend Luke made an amazing radio doc on sex workers working in Ireland give that a listen here.

Glow West podcast explores so much more topics as well. They are under The Tortoise Shack , who give alternative voices an opportunity to speak, something that is needed in Ireland.

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