Hooked: Skateboarding in Ireland

In this video we examine the skateboarding scene in Ireland. We interview some of the early pioneers of the scene Clive Rowen owner of Skate city. To the current generation of skateboarders looking to leave their mark with Minty and then we took a look at the future of Skateboarding in Ireland when we got to talk to Noah and his dad. This video was nominated for a smedia (Student media) award and was published on thecityDublin website here.

Should weed be legal in Ireland?

In our video ‘Should weed be legal in Ireland?’ we wanted to look at the nuances in the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana usage in Ireland. A surprising tidbit about making the video was trying to find people who were against the use of Marijuana. The tone of the video is lite and fun. Enjoy. This video was also published on thecityDublin website here.

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