Rob's Autumn Reads 2019

This is a roundup of the books I have read over the Autumn. Enjoy and let me know what you think and please feel free to recommend books you think I should read and let me know what you think of the books on my list. So without further ado lets get into it:

The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World is a book by David Kirkpatrick, originally published in 2010. The Facebook Effect is the inside story of Facebook’s inception from a dorm-room to at the time 500 million users. Almost quaint compared to Facebook’s reach today.

What I find most interested from the perspective from reading it in 2019 is writer David Kirkpatrick talked about all of the trouble that Facebook could possibly get into. Kirkpatrick talks about Zukerberg’s penchant to break the rules. I remember reading an article about Facebook’s habit of stepping way over the line and then rolling back a little bit. This book puts that into perspective.

Kirkpatrick is a great writer and the subject is engaging.


Get to the Point!: Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter by Joel Schwartzberg.

This is a book that I am going to read again, great insights, well research and to the point. Literally, it’s only 128 pages packed full of great tips and information for staying on message.


GOD COMPLEX by Paul Jenkins (Inhumans, Wolverine: Origin) with art by Hendry Prasety.

A cop in Delphi, Seneca is tasked with figuring out why three acolytes of the Church of the Trinity have been killed. Delphi’s ruled the Greek gods who are known as the rulers who secretly have enslaved mankind.

It was an interesting concept, with a weak execution.


Bullshit Jobs: A Theory by David Graeber.

Graeber explores one of society’s most vexing and deeply felt concerns: Bullshit jobs.

Corporations, and societies permission to undergo a shift in values, placing creative and caring work at the center of our culture. This book is for everyone who wants to turn their vocation back into an avocation.


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