Review: Raya and the last dragon

Raya & Sisu

Raya and the last dragon is a gorgeously animated fantasy action​-adventure film by Disney. The animation was extremely realistic that I began to question why Disney did not opt to go for a live action movie, I guess the live action is reserved for a quick cash grab from the older more established movies.

Raya and the last dragon follow’s the story of Raya, voiced Kelly Marie Tran a warrior, who sets out to track down Sisu, voiced by Awkwafina, a dragon, who legend has it transferred all her powers into a magical gem which is now scattered all over the divided kingdom of Kumandra. The voice acting of both Tran and Awkwafina worked well with Trans balancing Awkwafina’s higher octane voice acting creating an interesting dynamic.

Raya plans to reunite the gem in the hopes of saving her father and bring the kingdom together.

Outside of the gorgeous animation the movie was flat, which is a pity as I was really looking forward to watching this film. I was apprehensive about spending the additional money on top of my monthly subscription, so I waited and after watching this movie, it was the right decision.

Do not get me wrong I am absolutely looking forward to going back to the cinema to watch movies and will be going to the theatre the first day it opens here in Ireland.  But Raya the last Dragon was not a great film story wise.

This was one of those times I was glad to have not wasted my money.  Granted the experience might have been better in a theatre, the storyline was too uninteresting to save this movie.

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