Is now the best time to go vegan?

If you have ever toyed with the idea of going vegan, then now is probably the best time to start. Veganism has been growing over the years, as the benefits of going vegan go beyond animal cruelty as being vegan means is not to use other animals for food, clothing, entertainment or other purposes, insofar as it is possible and practicable to do so

Veganism is seen as a healthy lifestyle choice; I implore you to do your own research on the health benefits; veganism is also seen as a way to limit destroying our shared environment.

From an environmental aspect, our dependency on limited land and water destroys biospheres and ecosystems. It is becoming clear that we cannot prevent the irreversible damage of the planet unless we stop using and killing animals and shift to a plant-based food system.

Being vegan means acknowledging and securing for others the fundamental rights, and by extension, we see the rights of workers (mostly migrants) in the meat industry is under scrutiny, unfortunately from coronavirus.

Shocking stories have come out told by the union reps included reports of house-sharing, where up to 40 workers were packed into one home, car-pooling on the way to work and the dangerous practise of hot-bedding. Hot-bedding is where workers share a bed as they work opposite shifts and has been recognised by virus experts as a lethal way to spread Covid.

So, yeah, now is an excellent time to become vegan.

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