Rob’s recommended comic book reads

As an avid comic book reader for many years I wanted to share a couple of comic books I wished I had read sooner. These are comics not published by Marvel or DC

If there ever was a comic book series that I wished I had read sooner Invincible would be that comic book. Created by Robert Kirkman ( probably better known from his work on Walking Dead)  with artwork by Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley. I didn’t get to read all #144 issues as they rolled out since 2004 I did get to do a week long marathon of reading this comic book getting to enjoy the emotional roller that was the Invincible comic book series.

Invincible is the story that follows Markus Sebastian Grayson is the son of novelist Nolan Grayson, who is the superhero Omni-Man, and Deborah Grayson. When Mark was seven years old, Nolan reveals that he is a member of a race of peaceful aliens called Viltrumites, that he had come to Earth to help mankind and that one day Mark would develop super powers.Mark’s powers manifest at the age of 17 while he is working at his part-time job. His powers, which increase with use, are: super strength, speed, flight, some invulnerability and fast healing.

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s worked together on Marvel’s Winter Soldier before they teamed up again to work on Velvet the world’s best secret agent is killed, Velvet Templeton, the Personal Assistant to the Director of the Agency, is drawn off her desk and back into the field for the first time in nearly 20 years Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s worked together on Marvel’s Winter Soldier before they teamed up again to work on Velvet.

Amber Blake was only a child when she was recruited to the Cleverland Institute, a school for gifted children. But predators hide in the school’s administration, abusing the children they’re meant to protect, and, on the verge of exposing them, Amber finds herself fleeing for her life from the very man who recruited her.

Wrote by Mark Millar with artwork by Steve McNiven , Inspired by the possibility of the joker, from DC’s Batman, was essentially Batman. Meet Nemesis. He’s systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he’s now set his sights on Washington, DC.

Another Kirkman on this list, I had wrote a review on this comic book which you can check out here.

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