Coronavirus and Ireland update:

Quick update Quick update on the data on Ireland and the Coronavirus since the last post I did on it was the 28th of March, at the time of writing that post, there were 2,121 total confirmed cases and a total of 22 covid-19 related deaths. As of April 7th there are 5,364 total confirmed cases and a total of 174 covid-19 related deaths (based on an analysis of 4,916 cases as of midnight 04/04/2020).

ICU’s went from 71 beds in use to 169 (this number fluctuations for obvious reasons) and total hospitalisation is 1,265 you can get the data from here

Table 1. is a breakdown of sen, age groups and areas cases are from:

Source here

Table 7 breaks down the number of clusters ( clusters are classified as 3 or more cases from the same area). Coronavirus has hit the nursing homes hard as the total today is 67 up from 22 a week ago.

Source here

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