Interesting reads:

Here are some interesting articles that I have stumbled across or was suggested by other sites that recommend long or interesting reads and I just want to share as well. Also, hopefully they will take your mind off Coronavirus. Enjoy!

I came across this suggestion from,I found this story interesting due to the fact I vaguely remember this when I was younger. It serves as an exciting look at how far things have changed with the proliferation of the internet.


Sex, showering, breaking up: Tanya Corrin and her boyfriend Josh Harris set up cameras all over their apartment for an internet project that pre-empted everything from influencer culture to digital sex work and reality TV .

This next article I thought was interesting as it examined the etymology of the word “Stan”. I think they still got it wrong; however, I am unsure. Exciting and well put together article nonetheless.


Only the most pop culturally isolated English speakers don’t know what the word “stan” means. Its origins lie in Eminem’s 2000 hit song “Stan,” about an overzealous fan, and has come to describe anyone who takes their love of a particular artist or entertainment franchise to new extremes.

This article was suggested to me by Pocket, which I love (sponsor me!), the article and Pocket. A fascinating read at how sciences and philosophy have grown or stunted growth as disciplines, really interesting food for thought.

Philosophers periodically fret about the apparent lack of progress in their discipline. The fact that science – always the comparator in these discussions – has been humming along so nicely doesn’t exactly help.

Another place that I get an interesting reading from is helped me to find interesting long reads (obviously) from all over the web. I stumbled across it some years ago when a lecturer of mine said “no one reads long articles anymore”, I think he was wrong on that front. It is an excellent site, and I recommend supporting it if you can. The article I have shared is, another music one and it should be noted I am not a massive music fan, it is just a testament to the excellent writing on offer at Longreads.


Every now and then, in one of her music videos or during a heady, live performance, singer Carly Rae Jepsen will close her eyes, raise her hands above her head, and sway her hips.

A book that I have just finished reading, might do a review on it later.

Targeted: The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower’s Inside Story of How Big Data, Trump, and Facebook Broke Democracy and How It Can Happen Again, by Brittany Kaiser

I got it on-loan from my library from their online accounts, so sign up to your local library if you like to read and get get a good book or to your library for the physical book.

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