Coronvirus: Stranger -times

Coronavirus is growing rapidly the last time I did an update was the 27th of March and there was 530,000 cases and more than 24,000 fatalities, as of today the 3 of April there are now  1,031,000 cases and more than 54,200 (These numbers are according to the while deaths in Ireland as of today past the 100 mark.

After following the growth of Covid-19 my biggest fear is all the misinformation that is bandied around about covid-19 from what is the best model to follow, the consensus seems to be South Korea’s model, or what is the worse approach, for awhile it was the “herd immunity” approach in the U.K., how is Germany handling Covid-19 better then other European countries? is Germany doing better?

Then there is the debate on the usage of masks should they be worn? should they not? or will it become mandatory?

What has gotten me worried, in the first place, about misinformation on Covid-19 best or worse practice, are the debates on testing in the U.K citing Ireland as a top tier country for testing, citing Ireland as testing 5,000 people a day, the jury is out on that. But I know citing Ireland as a top tier tester is wrong, and I know that is adding the the confusion.

On Sunday last it was announced Ireland was testing 5,000 a day with an eye for 15,000 a day, stuttering to 1,500 by the Tuesday. So it is hard to gauge what is the real Covid-19 reality.

If all of these things seemed crazy Hungary apparently slipped into a dictatorship.And yet Ireland has moved into a weird anti-democratic phase as well, with Fine Gael seemingly clinging onto power and now apparently are beyond reproach on the decisions they are making during this pandemic.

My worry is what is going to happen in the near-future, if Italy is anything to go by are we on a curve towards riots next?

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