Coronavirus updates

These are updates as I get them, obviously the data is dynamic most of these figures change as I write them. And some figures posted are hours out of date from the time I write them to when you read them, such is the speed of the coronavirus. I am just doing this to track the information for myself. Also important to note these are official figures and probably doesn’t match the reality on the ground, such is the complication that is coronavirus.

Total number of global cases has surpassed 530,000, including more than 24,000 fatalities. Over 122,000 patients are reported to have recovered.

News at a glance

UK PM Boris Johnson and Health minister Matt Hancock test positive for coronavirus UK reports over 750 deaths.

European Parliament approves emergency funding but many countries are demanding more clarity from the EU.

Death toll in Italy surpasses 8,000.

Spain crosses the 4,800 deaths mark,7,871 new cases and a total now at 64,509 cases altogether.

EU at a glance: (you can follow on twitter here)

IT 80539

ES 56188

DE 42288

FR 29155

UK 11658

NL 7431

AT 7029

BE 6235

PT 3544

NO 3156

SE 2806

CZ 2062

DK 1877

IE 1819

LU 1453

PL 1221

RO 1029

FI 958

EL 892

IS 802

SI 577

EE 538

HR 495

HU 300

LT 299

BG 264

LV 244

SK 226

CY 146

MT 134

LI 56

15798 deaths

US now has the most confirmed cases of any country and U.S. cases surpass China, fatalities top 1,100 (important to note these are official figures) While unemployment claims in the US rise to 3.3 million.

Hong Kong sees 65 more cases today, the largest single-day increase so far, says the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection. 14 are students total number of confirmation 518.

South Korea approaches 10,000 cases

Australia to distribute more than 500,000 test kits

30,000 in Iran

Indian state of Maharashtra releases 11,000 prisoners on parole

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