Coronavirus updates

These are updates as I get them, obviously the data is dynamic most of these figures change as I write them. And some figures posted are hours out of date from the time I write them to when you read them, such is the speed of the coronavirus. I am just doing this to track the information for myself. Also important to note these are official figures and probably doesn’t match the reality on the ground, such is the complication that is coronavirus.

News at a glance:

The total number of global cases has surpassed 470,000, including more than 21,000 fatalities. Over 115,000 patients are reported to have recovered.

US death toll surpasses 1,000 US death toll passes 1,000 – Unemployment claims rise to 3.3 million in the US – House of Commons passes $82 billion.

COVID-19 aid bill for Canadians – Canada to enforce mandatory self-isolation for residents returning from outside of the country.

Spain crosses the 4,000 deaths mark with 655 new fatalities,It is now 4,089. Spain overtakes China for second-most fatalities – Death toll in Italy surpasses 7,500.

Germany has third-highest number of cases in Europe, Death toll up 49 since yesterday. New total is 198. Total number of cases since outbreak began has reached 36,508

India announces $22.6 billion relief package after shutting down the country of 1.3 billion.

Japan will set up a coronavirus task force

Total cases in South Korea surpass 9,200

Australia has over 2,600 cases –

Russia suspends all international flights, Moscow closes all bars, cafes, parks and non-essential food and drug stores from Saturday for nine days

Countries (46) reporting a total 2,746 cases, 72 deaths, 210 recoveries by region.

In the news:

The Feb. 19 Champions League match between Atalanta and Valencia is considered one of the biggest reasons Bergamo, Italy, became one of the epicenters of the pandemic read that article here.

The EU is trying to fight back in the coronavirus propaganda war — with Germany leading the charge by shipping supplies and providing hospital care to patients from other European countries read more here.

Health officials in Singapore reported 73 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus on Wednesday, making it the country’s largest single-day increase in cases read on here.

Baghdad (AFP) – The Iraqi government said Thursday that it will extend a countrywide lockdown it imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic until April 11 read here

Interesting reads (not coronavirus related)

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