Coronavirus updates

These are updates as I get them, obviously the data is dynamic most of these figures change as I write them. And some figures posted are hours out of date from the time I write them to when you read them, such is the speed of the coronavirus. I am just doing this to track the information for myself. Also important to note these are official figures and probably doesn’t match the reality on the ground, such is the complication that is coronavirus.

World Health Organization officials warned Friday against dismissing the coronavirus that’s swept across the globe as just a bad outbreak of the flu. The total number of global cases has surpassed  372,000 people infected globally. The number of people confirmed to have died as a result of the virus has now surpassed 16,300.  Over 100,000 patients are reported to have recovered.

Global cases have more than doubled in the past week, according to the World Health Organization, and worldwide deaths have nearly tripled.

Outside of China, , Italy has the most confirmed cases with nearly 60,000, and America has 35,000.

The US has gone above 470 deaths, bringing it just behind where Iran was at the same stage, see chart below or, check out for more here (FT has made their information free and the data is mind-blowing).

New York becomes epicenter of US pandemic as New York State reached 20,875 cases. That is now more cases per capita than Italy (107 for every 100,000 people, versus 98).

UK is in lockdown(should be noted in his speech the word lockdown wasn’t mentioned but is framed this way in the media) with very limited exceptions, as its death toll reaches 355. The measures are:

  • One outdoor exercise allowed per day (bike/walk/run)
  • Only go outside to buy food and medicine
  • Police can disperse big gatherings
  • All non-essential shops to close.

Full breakdown here:

Italy reports lowest daily percentage growth of cases in four days. 4,789 new cases & 601 new deaths. Both figures lower than yesterday (5560 new cases, 651 deaths).

South Africa will enter a 21-day lockdown starting March 26.

Confirmed cases in India exceed 400, death toll at 7.

In Iran official figures are: 1,411 new Coronavirus victims and 127 died. Total number of patients 23,049 and total deaths 1,812. Recoveries 8,376. Average age of patients 59 years and age of those died 64 years.

Spain’s death toll tops 2,000 after hundreds of new deaths recorded growth of cases Spain registers 462 coronavirus deaths in just 24 hours, deadliest day yet. Total number of cases in Spain has risen by 16% since Sunday.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel tests negative.

PM Justin Trudeau says Canada is spending $192M on developing vaccines for the novel coronavirus.


South-Africa introduce to a nation-wide lockdown for 21 DAYS with effect from midnight on Thursday 26 March.

Another interesting image from

Information on the South Americans:

Brazil 1546 (25 deaths) Ecuador 789 (14 deaths) Chile 632 (1 death) Argentina 266 (4 deaths) Colombia 235 (2 deaths) Peru 363 (5 deaths) Uruguay 158 Paraguay 22 (1 death) French Guiana 20 Bolivia 27 Venezuela 77 Guyana 19 (1 death) Suriname 5

In Asia:

Most new cases in the country from overseas travel

Xinjiang region becomes first provincial level region to reopen schools

Shanghai government downgrades emergency alert level

Hong Kong to introduce 14-day entry ban

South Korea reports day of fewest new infections records 64 new coronavirus cases, since a peak of 909 since Feb. 29


Reports more than 1,700 cases

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