Coronavirus and me.

I have been away from WordPress for a while. I have been busy working on my final year projects for college. Obviously, things are changing now with coronavirus.

The first case in Ireland was on the 28th of February, and as of today, there have been 3 deaths and 785 confirmed cases in Ireland and 108 in Northern Ireland making that 893 confirmed cases on the island of Ireland. There are 173 people being treated in the hospital and 13 of those are in intensive care. There is a backlog of 40,000 people waiting to get their test results.

On top of that my mother think’s that she might have covid-19; more stress.

My mom has to wait until tomorrow before she will get to talk to a GP, even then testing might take another week to get the results.
So, with all that going on, it is hard to keep my mind focused on college work.

I have been in isolation with my girlfriend at her cottage, the garden is big, so there is plenty of space to go outside and stay safe.

There is a gym here as well. Hoping to come out of the pandemic in better shape than going into it.

Updated figures in the last hour since writing this blog post: 1 new death and 121 new cases (In Ireland).

And globally:

Spain reports 394 deaths in the past 24 hours (a 30% increase on yesterday) also Spain becomes fourth country to report over 1,000 deaths

US now has the third-highest number of cases after China and Italy

Australia announces further lockdown measures

Palestinian authorities report first two cases in Gaza

Italy reports 651 more deaths (Death toll in Italy reaches 5,476)

India observes 14-hour self-imposed lock-down

Global infections double in week to top 300K

Number of deaths globally pass 13K

Singapore no longer letting short-term visitors enter or transit —

Afghanistan reports first confirmed death

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone into quarantine after a doctor who administered a vaccine to her has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has risen to 18,610, an increase of 1,948 from the previous day. 8 people have died in the same period, with the death toll now at 55.

Germany to ban meetings of more than two people

Malaysia calls on its army to patrol streets

More than 1300 confirmed cases in Canada

BC and Ontario have the most cases

Northwest Territories reports its first case

Mexico confirms total of 251 coronavirus cases

Confirmed cases in S.Korea by ages (Mar 22) Over 80s : 392(4.41%)

70-79 : 595(6.69%)

60-69 : 1,132(12.72%)

50-59 : 1,691(19.01%)

40-49 : 1,221(13.72%)

30-39 : 909(10.22%)

20-29 : 2,396(26.93%)

10-19 : 460(5.17%)

0-9 : 101(1.14%)

Total : 8,897

Turkey reports 277 new cases of coronavirus and 12 new deaths. A total of 947 cases and 21 deaths.

And some statistics that have come out as of Friday for Ireland:

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