Dissertation Methodology Template

Clarifying the research question and answering questions as to the significance of the research project (the “so what?” question):

When developing your research question,  Booth et al (2008 ) suggest a four-step process, begin with a broad topic, add a conceptual question, explain its conceptual significance and outline the potential practical application.

By using the following template:

“I am studying X topic because I want to find out why/how Y occurs, in order that my reader understands more about Z so that they might be better able to do A” (Ibid, p.61). 

The research question this thesis seeks to answer is: 

Timeframe: why the period (chosen)is relevant:

Type of media analysed: 

Acknowledgement of the limitations of the methodological approach

Further reading:

Booth, W. C., Colomb, G. G. and Williams, J. M. (2008) The Craft of Research. 3rd edn, The
Craft of Research. 3rd edn. Chicago & London: University of Chicago Press.

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