Why failure is inevitable

Sometimes you are not going to get the grade, or you don’t get that promotion you wanted or get that thing you think you deserve, and that really does suck, like a lot.

Have you ever read those inspirational quotes that told you: ‘to be successful, you have to fail first’.

And after reading the quote, you think to yourself: ‘please, fuck off with that bullshit’.

Unfortunately, it is true. You have to fail. It hurts, and you feel like shit, or dumb, or any number of things. But you indeed have to fail. It is not about the failures, it is about what you do after (after you cry, I mean).

To give a cliché sporting analogy look at basketball superstar Lebron James and his career. He was an unbelievable phenom from the moment he stepped onto a basketball court. And yet, he lost over and over again, not in terms of personal accolades, but the N.B.A’s ultimate prize Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. It wasn’t until he found a winning formula did his greatness transcend he became a consummate winner.

The first thing Lebron had to experience was failing.

And when you get successes you have to maintain it, you have to learn what worked, you can be a winner and not learn from it. You have to understand what it takes to keep that.

So, yea, it sucks, when you fail at something or don’t do as well as you hoped, remember though: it is what you do after that is important.

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