Rob’s reads:Propaganda by Edward L. Bernays

While this book is quite informative, I am interested to find someone who writes the modern equivalent to this insightful book.

The important point of this book to take home, is that the only thing that helps propaganda ( in Bernays sense of propaganda) is public opinion.

The best examples of good propaganda in action today is a redeemed celebrity ( insert your own) and from the past, any particular social or political movements, these are constructed a la Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement in the 1960’s and so on.

Propaganda by Bernays shows that with a proliferation of Ism’s (ideas) that it becomes easier to control narrative, becomes easier to sow ideas that pushes narrative away from policy the thing’s that actually makes a difference, not some ideological identities which in fact divide.

I would as a recommendation to someone,read this book as a foundation before reading a book to understand something like power or politics.

Another interesting book mentioned by Bernays in this book is The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, by Gustav Le Bon.

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