Reflection of a mature student: On asking questions

Is there such thing as asking too many questions in college?

Short answer yes! Nothing worse than the mature student who asks too many questions, am I right? Always asking questions that just don’t make any sense, “Okay Susan we get it you’re out of your depth and don’t know how Google works”, I’m not saying I know what’s going on either, it’s my first time with epistemological philosophy, but you don’t see me asking how to spell it cause the lecturer doesn’t believe in waiting on the same slide long enough for you to actually read what’s on it.  There are memes about those annoying mature students


(I love this one)

What annoys me more is when the class is asked a question and the response is so quiet you hear a pin drop and you see tumbleweed roll by. Shit! Sometimes I find myself being that annoying mature student due the lack of life from my class. There are moments that I agree I wish someone wouldn’t ask a question and that is in the last 30 seconds of the class, ask after the class, ask by email.  There seems to be a lack of confidence in asking questions in class, something that stems from secondary school.

The world is full of endless opportunities and it may seem like those opportunities just pass you by unless you develop the confidence to not be afraid to ask for clarity when something confuses you.  Becoming more confident is simply a matter of shifting your perspective and finding the positivity in each of your limitations. When you find that positivity you will see opportunities in front of you that you never saw before.

Go forth young students and fear not what others think, just don’t ask stupid questions,okay?

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  1. LOL! This is so great. So, I’m a believer in the concept that there is such a thing as a stupid question! Oh my goodness there IS! But those tend to stem from people just not paying attention. This post is so on point! I hear you! Thanks for making me laugh! This was so good…


  2. Hi Robert, I’m a mature student and try not to be an annoying one in class. You’re absolutely right though, our younger counterparts should be more confident in ‘having a go’ at asking questions. I certainly encourage those I’m friendly with to do so. Liked your meme!


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