What I thought of The secret Life of Pets II

Max the dog, voiced by Patton Oswalt who replaced Louis C.K., thinks his home life is finally settled and safe. Then his owner gets married and has a baby. Max now has something new to be terrified about: the child’s safety.  stressed by the arrival of a human baby in his family. A holiday to a farm makes him panic constantly about the child’s safety, but he’s given some lessons in letting go by Rooster a gruff old hound, voiced by Harrison Ford. You would assume that would be the premise, something simple.

Apparently, too simple, so the writers add an out of nowhere extra plot, when hyperactive bunny Snowball (Kevin Hart) gets pulled into a mission to save a snow tiger cub; go figure. And then the writers thought those two ideas also seemed seemed too simple and have Gidget, voiced by Jenny Slate, lose Max’s favourite toy and has to, for complicated reasons, learn to pass as a cat to retrieve it.

The secret Life of Pets II falls into the category of sequels that relies too heavily on the original movie concept, which was successful but you think to yourself,well I would watch a sequel if they learned what works and doesn’t work making these types of movies. The secret Life of Pets II misses the mark by quite a bit.

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