What I thought of Spiderman: Far From Home

Spoilers obviously

Spiderman Far From Home is another billion dollar blockbuster and it is understandable Far From Home was one of the best Spiderman movies since Toby McGuire’s iteration. In its opening minutes, Far From Home establishes its post-Endgame world world is clamouring for Spider-Man to take up Iron Man’s mantle as lead Avenger, Peter Parker played by Tom Holland just wants a holiday. An upcoming school trip across Europe is just the opportunity Parker needs to both put his life as Spiderman on hold and declare his feelings for MJ played by Zendaya. Nick Fury played by Samuel L Jackson hijacks the Peter’s school trip, recruits Spiderman to battle destructive elemental creatures alongside Jake Gyllenhaal’s newly arrived hero Quentin Beck. With the death of Tony stark in the Endgame, Far From Home  explores potential father-figures into Peter’s life in the forms of Nick Fury, Happy Hogan and, Quentin Beck. Fury, becomes the embodiment of the strict father, Happy Hogan bonds with the youngster through their shared grief and fear of Fury, Beck through the bond of heroism.

Far From Home was a fun Spiderman movie that recognised that after the brevity in Endgame that the stakes in Spiderman will be much lower and the after affect would get too confusing. The only way to push the narrative forward is to recognise this and not get too caught up in complications of the events of Endgame. Where Far From Home fell down for me the story was so heavily centered around the events of Ironman not just his death but the consequences of how he treated people throughout his life.

When Captain America: Winter Solider came out I didn’t enjoy the movie for the simple fact that its groundwork for the story arc depended on the viewer having seen the movies before it does that make the movie a great movie? for me not really, think of it this way, the Russo brothers argued that Robert Downy deserved an Oscar for his portrayal of Tony Stark in Endgame for his emotional send off that touched the heart of everyone in the theater (not to take away from his performance) the reason it was heart wrenching was from the foundations set from the previous movies and not so much this one performance.

The problem with the story of Spiderman Far From Home is that the narrative is only pushed forward due to the groundwork of the past movies in the marvel cinematic universe, which for me cheapened the overall story of Far From Home, now that Sony and Disney don’t seem to see eye-to-eye in regards to the Spiderman franchise it will become more apparent how problematic this style of writing is. Nuff said.

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