In the news: 08-09-2019

Amber Rudd says no evidence Johnson’s government trying to get deal with EU

British MP and cabinet minister Amber Rudd has resigned from the Conservative party in response to Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of Brexit. Boris Johnson has been having a tumultuous time the last two weeks from sacking 21 members of the Tory party, to his brother shock resignation, to his leader of the house Jacob Rees-Mogg handing their opposition negative talking points to disparage the Tory party apathy toward the British population.

Fine Gael slates FF appetite for €4.35bn spend in six months

In a strange move Fine Gael has disparaged Fianna Fáil in a video (posted below) over its call for €4.35 billion worth of spending in six months by a political attack video, why it is strange is that this isn’t something done in Irish politics. In an even more bizarre twist Fine Gael has been over spending over the last number of years which is nicely summed up in this article.

Gene Kerrigan: ‘Housing is too vital to leave to ‘the market’

Gene Kerrigan examines the nuances that is the complication that is the Irish housing/homeless crises. Kerrigan recognises that while it is easy to blame Irish politicians who are landlords that the nuances are not that simple.

Long reads:

When American Media Was (Briefly) Diverse

Extract: An economic downturn in 2008 shuttered numerous publications and further marginalized people of color in an already minimally integrated industry. But in the 90’s and early-aughts, multicultural publications flourished, providing an alternative model for journalism that bears remembering.

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