Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper

This blog post is for those who want to climb the ladder in work or want to get a raise or needs that extra edge in work. You feel that you are a hard worker but you always seem to be overlooked, or somebody is making more money than you, someone you feel doesn’t deserve that money because in your opinion they are lazy or undeserving in some way. While all of these things might be true the only thing you should really change is your perspective.

Granted what I am going to say is not always going to work it is an important lesson to take into whatever profession you do and that is change your perspective.

For a long time I always felt over looked at work, I thought I worked hard, thought I was polite etc… So when other people started to be promoted over me I realised that I was looking at everything the wrong way, perhaps I was the reason? In Stephen R.Covey’s book: The 7 habits of highly effective people he talks about on page 21:

“The way we see the problem is the problem.”

Covey’s talks about what he expects from his employees might be what is leading them to lash out in negative ways for what ever reason. I began to look through some books to help me to improve how I approach work. I began by reading some psychology books on Introspection; Introspection is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings.

Introspection is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings.

In psychology, the process of introspection relies exclusively on observation of one’s mental state, while in a spiritual context it may refer to the examination of one’s soul.

I found introspection helpful when I became to write down my thoughts and feelings. So I began to write in my journal some reflections of my day, what I did in work, the types of conversations I had with people, why I had those conversations, what annoyed me at work, what didn’t annoy me. This gave me an opportunity to reflect on my day both mentally and reflect on how I work, and felt emotionally. A key point to note is I had to be honest with what I wrote down, sometimes you get a breakthrough only to miss whats actually holding you back.

I began to change how I looked at things in my job and tried to not put a negative outlook on what other people did in work. Instead I began to look for the positive which in turn began creating more positive conversations with the people I worked with. I began to work hard and took pride in what I was doing. I wanted people to notice when I left not by my personality but by my work.

Take the time to reflect on your day.

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