How to write more: Lean into the pain

There are two types of people: those who do and those who do not. That is the simple formula for succeeding in life. The world of writing is no different, you have the discipline to sit down and put pen to paper and finish something or, you do not. With all the distraction that now imbues our daily lives in the form of social media, work, and friends and family it is easy to lose sight of your writing goals.
Here are some no-nonsense tips to getting it done!
Finding the time: How to find the time

Life is busy and you can’t find the time to write something, then writing is not for you.
Find the time.

John Grisham woke up at 5 am to write 300 words of what would become the bestselling novel, A Time to Kill. Grisham worked as a Lawyer and had young children at the time. Grisham found time in his busy schedule, you can too.

There needs to be a level of discipline in your life if you want to reach a certain level of success. 
Set goals

Setting goals are easy, most people’s goals are too broad. Goals need to be specific to make them achievable. Take people going to the gym they want to lose weight or gain muscle without planning the “why”. Most people focus on the “how” part of setting goals, “ how much weight to lose” or, “how many pages they will write a day”, instead ask, “why do I want to write 300 words a day?” Why did you pick these goals? Why are they so important to you?
Accept rejection

Failure is import to growth. Failing is a part of the journey to improving your craft. Accept that not everyone is going to like your writing. There will be rejection from publishers, take J.K Rowling for example.
It is widely known now that Rowling’s idea for Harry Potter was repeatedly rejected by publishers until Bloomsbury believed in the idea and the rest is history. There is another more recent story of rejection for J.k Rowling when Rowling wrote under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith rejection follow suit, even to one of the most successful writers. Accept that there will be bumps on the way, don’t accept rejection as a reflection of your work or your writing.

Stay motivated
Motivation is fleeting; just start writing finding the motivation is not always easy, that doesn’t mean you don’t do it. Planning ahead helps improve productivity and being productive is more important than being motivated.

Sometimes writing is going to feel like a chore, it is the discipline to be able to complete a small task that separates almost writing that book and those who write that book. Lean into the pain and write.

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