In the News: 12-07-2019 HSE apologises after 800 women failed to receive smear test results

The Health Service Executive has said that it was known in February there was a computer glitch that meant that hundreds of women who underwent Cervical Check screening were not issued with their results. RTÉ News first reported yesterday that 800 women were affected by the glitch at the US lab, which left them waiting months for smear test results.  This story continues of the back off the story that almost half laboratories used by Cervical Check not inspected after it was revealed that scores of women with cervical cancer were not told that smear test results showing them to be in the clear were in fact inaccurate and the revised test results were kept from them for years. Read here for context.

In other Irish news: The State has lost “tens of millions of euro” on a “train crash” property deal for the Garda buildings at Harcourt Square, according to an Office of Public Works (OPW) official who worked on the case. Read the rest of the article here.

In other Irish news: Eamon Ryan (pictured below and photo source), the Green Party leader, raised the issue that that Ireland is creating a monopoly through the government’s National Broadband Plan. Mr. Ryan pointed out that there was only one party interested in taking on the project. The broadband plan aims to deliver a high-speed internet connection to 540,000 homes and businesses in rural Ireland. The project has been dogged by delays and its cost has increased to €5 billion, including a €3 billion investment by the state. 

In UK news: Boris Johnson, frontrunner to be Britain’s next prime minister, denied he was responsible for the resignation of the ambassador to Washington but admitted his comments had been a factor in the shock departure of one of the country’s most senior diplomats. The former London mayor has been heavily criticized for failing to defend Kim Darroch after Donald Trump attacked the envoy for leaked remarks describing the U.S. administration as inept.


In world news: The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation in its campaign against larger classes and fewer teachers argues that if Ontario cuts education, “everyone will pay more,” the union claims in a tagline for its new ad campaign. Which doesn’t hold up according to Randall Denley in the National Post.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Speaker Nancy Pelosi ‘appear‘ to be having a spat depending on what you read. In POLITICO it appears that ‘DEMS STRUGGLE TO MOVE ON FROM PELOSI-AOC CLASH’.

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