Rob’s Notes: What is the buyer’s journey

What is the buyer’s journey:

The buyer’s journey is the process a consumer goes through before purchasing a product or service. This process can look different depending on the industry or product you are associated with, but generally has five main stages from awareness to retention.

When you target an audience, you have to consider where in the buyer’s journey this audience sits. Do they already know your product? Have they tried it before? Have they ever purchased from your competitor’s brand? What do they think about your brand and product? What are the pain points that would prevent this audience from purchasing your product?

Understanding the context around your audience and the elements needed to move them down the funnel are critical for a successful digital marketing strategy. Their place in the buyer’s journey will influence the media you choose to communicate with them. Think about these issues and try to understand precise decision-making processes that influence the consumer. Each product category or service will have their own priority that customers focus on before taking the purchase decision. The idea is to uncover these insights and use them in your content strategy in order to move your audience to the next stage.

You should aim to create your own buyer’s journey based on research, adding precision to the general model we are going to see in the next few slides. This is deeply rooted in the inbound methodology – in other words, how to attract a highly qualified audience by providing the necessary tools for their decision-making process.

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