In the news: 27-6-2019

These are just a collection of stories that I read today, no political leanings, no hidden agenda, just news.

Contempt motion against journalist over Kriégel case

A judge has granted leave to issue a contempt of court motion after a journalist allegedly named one of the boys convicted of Ana Kriégel’s murder twice on a Cork radio show.

‘We will cover them up for this meeting’ – €15k for sales assistant who had breast ‘patted’ by her boss

A fashion retailer has been ordered to pay €15,000 to a sales assistant who had her left breast ‘patted’ by her boss in front of a colleague at a staff meeting.

Siptu downbeat over averting three-day health strike

Siptu has said it is not hopeful that a planned three-day strike next week by health service support personnel can be averted.

Arriving at talks at the Workplace Relations Commission on Thursday, the union’s health division organiser Paul Bell said it would need to see a change of attitude on the part of Government representatives.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal claims rubbished by Guy Verhofstadt

Boris Johnson’s claims about the prospects of rewriting the Brexit deal have been compared by the European parliament’s Brexit coordinator to the “false promises, pseudo-patriotism, and foreigner-bashing” he is said to have used to win the referendum.

Guy Verhofstadt: Boris Johnson is lying about Brexit and indulging in ‘false promises, pseudo-patriotism, and foreigner bashing’

Guy Verhofstadt has attacked Boris Johnson, accusing him of lying about Brexit and indulging in “false promises, pseudo-patriotism, and foreigner bashing”.

Interesting reads:

If I Made $4 a Word, This Article Would Be Worth $10,000

What in the actual fuck. I thought journalists, even just culture journalists, were supposed to be brave. I thought they were supposed to risk their lives, even just psychologically. I thought they were supposed to shout and swear and beat their breasts — fuck everything else. At the very least I thought they were supposed to tell the truth. If any of that’s true, I don’t know what the hell all the people around me are doing. All the people who, I’ve been told again and again, don’t want to bite the hand that feeds, even though the food is shit and the hand is an asshole. I’m ashamed that I was tricked into believing they were better than so many of the people they report on, that their conspicuous support for unions and an industry full of undervalued workers was anything more than a performance. I didn’t think journalists, even just culture journalists, were supposed to be cowards.  

How to structure your day better

Most workdays start with the right intentions. You begin the day energized, with an ambitious list of tasks and a manageable inbox. But things quickly unravel as meetings, email, and colleagues’ fire drills take over. Before you know it, your deliberate organization comes crashing down like an overextended Jenga tower, sending you home defeated.


THERE’S A NEW battleground in the browser wars: user privacy. Firefox just made its Enhanced Tracking Protection a default feature, Apple continues to pile privacy-focused features into its Safari browser, and people are more aware than ever before of the sort of information they can reveal every time they set a digital footprint on the web.

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