Into the Spider-verse

Meet Miles Morales voiced by Shameik Moore, Miles is a smart yet nervy New Yorker, who lives in a world where Peter Parker is already Spider-Man. Miles is going through growing pains having been selected to go a fancy boarding school that is going to give him a better future. He’s not having the best time of it and is struggling to connect with his police officer father. Young Miles finds comfort, then, in his cool uncle, Aaron voiced by Mahershala Ali.

Miles sneaks out to hang out with his uncle Aaron who then takes him out to tag a wall in a cool secret location; it was in this location that Miles Morales gets bitten by a radioactive Spider-man. It is not until Miles stumbles upon a fight between Spiderman and the Goblin with Miles’ Spider-man meeting his demise  does Miles try and take up where Spiderman’s work left off.

 The villain Kingpin voiced by Liev Schreiber wants to opened up a portal to alternate universes to reunite his family, this has consequences and the New York that Miles inhabits is soon over-run by various shades of cross-di­mensional Spider-People. There’s alternate Peter Parker voiced by Jake Johnson, who goes by the name Peter B Parker.  Miles will get the help he needs to become the best Spider-man he can be with the help of multiple Spider-persons.

 When the first trailer dropped it was clear that this take on the Spider-verse was going to be a visual master piece, it was. While the story of the Spider-verse has been done a few times over the years (check them out if you have not seen or read them) this iteration was done just right. Regular movie goers might be skeptical going to see another Spider-man movie that should not be the case here; THIS IS NOT a Peter Parker Spiderman story this is a Miles Morales Spider-man story.  

 Let me get on to gushing about this movie.

 As mentioned it was clear after the first trailer this was going to be a different take on a Spider-man movie, cartoon or otherwise.  Into the Spider-verse was like a comic book brought to life on the big screen and that is something you don’t really get when you watch superhero movies, sometimes directors forget that viewers want to see a superhero be well, super. Into the Spider-verse was brilliantly written due to the fact that the foundations for a great movie were already in place.  Into the Spider-verse recognised that there has been a few takes of Spiderman over the years, even making fun of the fact there has been a few Spider-man origins story including this one.

While there might be a Spider-man movie fatigue, this is one Spider-man movie not to be missed.

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