Rob’s Reads: Thanos wins

As the title suggests this story line explores Thanos winning the affects of lady death, the price? Everything, Thanos wins is written by Donny Cates, with Illustration by Geoff Shaw.  Unfortunately this story line of Thanos was quite underwhelming, for a Thanos story to work it is not really the development of the character of Thanos but the characters around Thanos that makes the story interesting, why? It is difficult to develop such a singular minded character.  

Thanos Wins set up interesting story lines that almost pushed Thanos into situations that offers insights that might put Thanos in a more interesting light, and then the writers pulled back.  There was a moment of Thanos losing his powers, which didn’t last long enough to  leave an impact.  While I try to refrain from commenting too much on the art side of comic books I felt the art was flat and didn’t pop. There were opportunities for great art when Thanos fights. I still recommend it to read but don’t expect any development of the character.

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