Understanding local elections part 3: Balbriggan by the numbers

Electorate        23,553

Seats               5

Total Poll         10,821

Turnout           46%

Valid Poll        10,603

Spoiled Votes 218

Quota              1,768

Candidate’s NameParty1st Pref VotesElected /Eliminated
Murphy, TonyInd1,881Count 1
Maguire, GrainneInd1,161Count 9
O’Leary, TomFG1,215Count 9
Ó Rodaigh, SeánaLab1,302Count 9
O’Brien, JoeGP1,552Count 7
Quinn, MalachySF986 Eliminated
O’Connor, SamFG626 Eliminated
Keady, NiallFF424 Eliminated
Daniel, CarahSPBP411 Eliminated
Mullan, GarrettSD292 Eliminated
Oghenetano John
SPBP263 Eliminated
Emuage, OkezieFG253 Eliminated
Hughes, MartinInd237 Eliminated

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