Had a busy couple of day’s which meant I had been unable to post a blog. I came across a short story competition that I subsequently entered and that took up my time.

The reason I entered was to push myself beyond my comfort zone and actually put myself in a situation that forces me to work and also affords me an opportunity to get feedback on my writing. Writing has been something that I have been pursuing the last number of years. Ive always imagined myself writing and being a “writer” but never wrote anything.

When I went back to college I knew I had to study journalism as a way to push myself and write on a consistent basis. When I was in school I was a jock and never focused on the academic side of school. This is something I regret but except that it happened but does not define who I am.

While my writing is nowhere near good, it is important to recognise that doing nothing and not pushing boundaries and limitations leave you at the same level. For me I describe it as being on a rocking chair you are moving but going nowhere. I want to push beyond my limits.