Rob reads: Thief of Thieves

While this series is fun to read Robert Kirkman doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table, while this is a Kirkman idea the writing goes to Nick Spencer.

All the old tropes are here: Master thief wants to retire but can’t, has a son who is a screw-up, failed marriage for not leaving the thief lifestyle and the need to do one last gig. And that’s what makes this a fun read, I want those tropes and I enjoy them.  Spencer builds a rich index of characters and creates enough backstory to understand what drives each character down their chosen destructive path which makes for great reading

Conrad Paulson or Redmond is a master thief who decides to quit just before attempting what would be his biggest heist yet. Conrad makes an announcement that he is leaving “the game”. The reason for this is so he can win back his ex-wife Audrey and their son Augustus.  We Special Agent Elizabeth Cohen who has have been pursuing Conrad alias Redmond for a number of years while Redmond stays one step ahead of her.

While the tropes don’t set it apart in terms of originality the set up of the writing is competent and crafted well, the characters are interesting and engaging, making this a fun comic book to read.

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