Rob’s thoughts: Looking to the future

Brand building is important for budding journalists.  This is something that I have been working on for the last year is to create my own website and content which I will hopefully lunch soon.  

After taking a year out I discovered that cracking the Irish market was more difficult than I first imagined. I wrote a couple of articles here and there and created content as well.   It became clearer to me that if I want to produce the level of content creation that I want to do I would have to do it on my own.

One thing that never motivated me was building my C.V and in that end I want to create content so good that online media companies want to work with me and the brand that I am building. When building a brand it is important to find inspiration, for me that is Ryan Holiday. As of late I have been building a website as a place to aggregate all of mine content in one place.

To end this blog on this point, I am excited for the future. Anybody else on a journey to create something?

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