Rob reads: X-men Black Magneto

Chris Claremont is back with another fantastic body of work with the X-men and in this particular one shot that examines the role of Magneto and his legacy of not just being persecuted as a mutant but as a holocaust survivor.  What make comic books great are their accessibility and their ability at explaining the current political climate.  The X-men stories champion outsiders and misfits of society and bring their plight to the forefront effortlessly.  X-men Black: Magneto is no different taking a critical look at the current taking points in America surrounding the Mexican border and the immigration issue in Europe and beyond Claremont deals with the conversation in a humane way.  There are children involve that have nothing to do with the legacies of their parents or any of those who came before them.

 We meet Erik Lehnsherr the alter ego of Magneto (or is that the other way around?) at a cafe drawing? This doesn’t seem like the Magneto that we have met before, yes his character has such a rich history, this Magneto seemed more reflective of his role for future generations of mutants. Magneto doesn’t want to build an army he wants to protect the children from the realities that they face; this also isn’t the answer to solve the current political conversation. Perhaps this is the message that Claremont want to convey this problem can’t be solved unless there is an open dialogue. 

The art work was great it complimented the flow of the story by not taking away too much from it. Overall it was an enjoyable take on the character of Magneto.

There is an Apocalypse story that runs through the X-men Black series that I will tough on at another time. 

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