That time I gave up smoking in one easy trick

So how did I give up smoking? It was pretty simple so simple anyone can do it. First things first, understanding why you started to smoke in the first place.  I started because of stress work, college, bills got the better of me and I found solace in having a smoke. Once I started smoking regularly I found I kept telling myself ‘I’m not addicted, I can quit any time I want’.  As time wore on, smoking became a great comfort after eating a big meal having a cigarette seemed to cap it off perfectly. Going for walks became enjoyable as I could think and pull deeply on a cigarette. 

Over the warm summer months a cigarette and wine was too perfect. I was addicted and quitting anytime I want wasn’t going to be as easy, the mantra in my mind was becoming a lie. And yet when it came down to it I stopped, how? I didn’t think about smoking anymore was the first step I made. To put it simply, I changed how I thought about smoking, what cigarettes meant to me, and my habits. 

Smoking was something I didn’t want to do anymore, so when someone asked me why I stopped smoking I’d reply ‘I just want to’.  I found it easier not counting how many days I didn’t smoke because that would mean I was still thinking about smoking. Want to stop smoking? Just do it!

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