Rob reads: Kill or Be Killed. Review after reading the fist three issues.

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After only reading three issues of Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips Kill or Be Killed I am not sure how I feel about this comic series.  The opening scenes grab your attention as you see this masked character take out an apartment block of what is described as ‘ bad people’ with narration about the fragility of good versus evil and how difficult it is to keep those who do wrong down outside of taking law into your own hands.  

Kill or Be Killed follows the story of a Dylan, a depressed college student who attempts suicide, twice and both times fails. Then Dylan is visited by a demon who explains he spared Dylan’s life. In exchange, Dylan will be allowed to live one more month for every person he kills. This concept lost me a little bit, as I have to suspend belief and now believe that there are supernatural possibilities within this comic series, this is not a problem I just don’t see how this will work, I digress. Perhaps the demon is supposed to be representative of forces that push people to certain actions outside of their own. 

The story is littered with narration points about the affects of the consequences of vigilante violence which is something I enjoy, as it is something that can be overlooked in the hero genre.

 The art is fantastic, not too distracting (I enjoy the art in comics I really enjoy the writing) from the story line.

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