One of those dicks

Heap of fruitsIf you know me then you know that I was one of those dicks that made fun of people who were vegetarian or vegan.  Now I’m one of those dicks who are Vegan.  My girlfriend would like to take credit for pushing me towards being a vegan and maybe it was thanks to her.  So what made me take the plunge to the other side?

Honestly, my concern for the environment.

I was one of those dicks too that didn’t care about the environment either.  As more and more reports come out saying that climate change is going to have drastic effects unless we make equally drastic measures.

So now I am vegan.

Why? I had a lecturer who said one of the only powers we have is how we consume, so I chose to change how I conscientiously consume. People say to me now how not eating meat is stupid as a vegan diet is just as bad for the environment as eating meat.


Perhaps being vegan won’t help.  For now, it’s a start.

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